About Michael

I am a singer/songwriter who is both contemplative and deeply rooted in my faith. 

After a full career in Human Resources, living and working as an expat in Europe and Asia for many years, I have returned to the writing and performing of songs, a passion living in my heart all of my life.

I have moved to the Nashville area  with my wife Lisa, (I now live on Old Lake Hickory), have a great studio, and am producing songs gathered in my musical storehouse for over 37 years.

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Eclectic Roots Groove

My music has a style that I like to call Eclectic Roots Groove™ (Eclectic Roots™)  a vibrant and dynamic music genre that brings together a diverse range of musical styles and influences.  At its core, it combines the story telling and questions of folk, the gut rawness and authenticity of blues, the calling of groove and rhythm, the love of chords found in jazz, and the energy and drive of rock.  

Latest release

“When Love Calls Your Name” streaming on Valentine’s Day.
It’s about love, but not of the Valentine’s Day variety.

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Rhythm & Chords- Stories & Questions

 I love rhythm.  For me it is the start.  Then comes the variance of chords and textures of sound.  With that there is a foundation on which to tell a story.  Stories always ask questions and appeal for an answer.  This is Rhythm and Chords - Stories and Questions: RCSQ. 

I love RCSQ in this context when writing a song.  I have a more poetic version of what I mean deeper in, but best to keep it simple to start out.

The Goal


My goal is to be part of a community of like-minded folks, who interact through the joy of rhythm, chords, stories and questions.   I would be so glad to visit with you!  


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